• William Legarreta II

Dusting off the cobwebs . . . maybe.

I've been on a permanent sabbatical for a year now, which I feel i need to extend for a while longer. Sitting at my computer has become a rarity one I'm not proud of. Ive been on a burn out for many years now and because of this I haven't really done anything artistic or creative on my spare time. The demands of a very difficult job has been taking a tole on my mental health lately. One can only complain for so long without taking action in order to change their current situation, but for now I'm key to complain and pretend like I have no control over my own happiness and mental well being lolz!

A weekend back I lost internet for a weekend leaving me with some forced downtime. Maybe that's the key to kicking this creative funk . . . A forced and very long period of time where I'm not working at all.

This project took me five hours uninterrupted using Adobe After Effects utilizing vector shapes only.


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