• William Legareta II

blender and I

The last two weeks have been a lot of work on a commercial I was producing about five years ago to promote my business services. I had to deconstruct it in the new Blender 2.8 version because the file was so old. It was frustrating at first . . . but as I get to know the new Blender I am liking what I see and having a computer than can handle everything I can throw at it has been simply - magical. The problem is the difference in render quality is so vast from the low sample I rendered out years ago that I now I have to rethink a lot of the visual elements I had initially produced during post. Here is a clip on a scene I am working on the next few days.

I love working in 3d and After Effects. I am in my element and it feels amazing. I have to take advantage of this before school literally destroys any amount of time for anything remotely this satisfying I'll have moving forward so . . . yeah. lolz.


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