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  • William Legareta II

book report!

I read a book: The Lost Book of Enki by Zecharia Sitchin

It amazes me the scrutiny and unfair biased opinions this author received for this literary work of ancient antiquity translations. A deep stigma and ridicule associated with what we refer to today as “Ancient Astronaut theorists” is so heavily implied it seeks to distort and conceal many simple and factual truths about our past. And I don’t blame some of the skepticism - with all the weird conspiracy theories and the like . . . but to say that space travel in our ancient past is ridiculous, to say that nuclear weaponry used in our ancient past is impossible. That they could never have possibly existed prior to our civilization today has to be the single most dogmatic and abstaining reaction any single person could have alive regardless of religious beliefs.

Space travel is possible, technology is possible, nuclear weapons are possible because we have them now. To think any civilization pre diluvial were nothing but primitive neanderthals living in grass huts when tablets pre dating all known historical documentation clearly states the knowledge of our full intact universe, planets and how they formed is simply a slap in the face to all that we are and came to be. It's OK to believe the world was created in seven days . . . It's OK to believe dinosaurs NEVER existed . . . It's OK to believe the world is flat . . . BUT nuclear weapons . . .space travel . . . OH NO - STOP RIGHT THERE! THAT'S JUST SILLY!!!!!!

To deny our history. To deny who and what we are. What a human tragedy. We can not read works like the Lost Book of Enki and even include the bible and take every word literally. But one can not deny the facts hitting us right in the face. Sure translations get lost, sure political power AND influence has turned our history and religions into grand tools for suppression. The truth is we will never know the true happenings of our origins as they occurred, but we should stop to consider and trust in our own judgement with open unbiased calculation these evidences put forward by our ancestors. When an entire ancient civilization writes in detail all of the known planets down to their atmospheres. . . Including the asteroid belt and all . . . should indeed give any living person on this planet pause. How can you deny this? How can a peoples with that amount of vast knowledge living in grass huts make any sense to anyone?? WHO CARES IF THE DATES AND TRANSLATIONS ARE SLIGHTLY OFF??? You missed the point!

Anyone who reads any of these writings (including the Lost Book of Enki) and commits to them wholeheartedly and completely has missed the point of one's very own and very real self awareness. The sad thing is most people don’t even know where the bible comes from. They have no clue. The world begins and ends with the bible. But it's OK to believe that too. If more people simply took the time to read these pre diluvial tellings and simply consider the information . . . how would that change us all today? Everything in these books is happening in a repetitive cycle - even now. As one line in the Lost Book of Enki reads:

For what shall come to pass by what has passed shall be determined; and what was destined shall in a cycle be repeated, and what was fated and only by the heart’s will occurring for good or ill shall for judgement come.

Read this book, but don’t read it to believe it entirely - read it to understand that in this translation bits and pieces of our past are still alive today.

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