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  • William Legareta II

Cinema 4d!!!

Blender has been my go to for 3D modeling and animation for the last 17 years and now I'm finally ready to level up to the industry standard Cinema4D. So long free Blender and hello very expensive Cineme4D. I'm excited to start training and learning this new tool which will be my gateway into the next step of my career as a Multimedia Designer.

10/30/2022 SUNDAY:

I started yesterday morning and I've covered 22 Tutorials so far solely on the interface and so far so good. Blender knowledge has certainly helped with not being completely lost although I do have to admit the tools and how to apply effects and attributes are much more simple than in Blender. In saying that the most basic things like Scaling, Movement and entering Editing mode on a primitive has been the most frustrating to get used to, but it'll stick with time as I progress. So far I modeled a simple Monitor and tested out keyframes and an emitter- taking it slow. lol.

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