• William Legareta II

iT'S TIME? i THINK . . .

When should you stop managing everyone else's needs that mark your profession and when should you focus on your own professional needs? And why should I have to manage both?

I have allowed so many factors to keep myself from transitioning into a completely independent professional motion graphic designer - which has been my ultimate goal. To produce my own original work and share it openly and focus my skills for hire to free-range themes that can be utilized for any medium.

I think a constant fear factor has definitely been in play, I have hidden myself away working jobs related to my field in order to snuggle into a safety net of sorts. My day job as a teacher has definitely been a huge stabilizing factor in my life; allowing me to become closer to the tools I utilize everyday. I know that I have grown immensely during my years teaching my trade. Although lately I can’t help but wonder if all the time dedicate to teaching would be better spent producing my own work rather than tracking everyone else's progression on this material I know so well. At this point in my career I feel I haven't applied myself professionally to the degree I require when it comes to Motion graphics, 2D and 3D animations. This makes me feel like the world is passing me by and all I do is spend all my time doing what others want.

Does this mean it's time for me to move onto my own work permanently? Perhaps. It's a scary thing when you have mortgages, student loans, etc. looming constantly over your shoulder. And a steady paycheck helps alleviate that stress but, it also traps you and takes up majority of the time I need to be dedicating to my true passion.

Time management is key as most would advise would solve balancing a day job vs your passion. However in my experience this is entirely successfully based solely on if you're managing time based on things you are passionate about. Not the mundane and unrelated factors that are heaped upon us when we have that paycheck depositing into our bank accounts on a regular basis.

I’m ready to move on before i decide to invest myself in another set of goals that are not mine in order to feel "safe". I just have to build up the courage and take the steps to prepare for the next transition in my life and career. I have to start producing work - there is no more time for the mundane and repetitive. I must become a greater Motion Graphic designer and I can't do that in my current situation. I have to make a choice moving forward that will allow me to progress to the level where I need to be. I must make a choice.

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