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  • William Legareta II

Pensacola State College

I recently picked up an nightly Adjunct gig over at Pensacola State University as they needed a temporary After Effects instructor to teach their new Motion Graphics course. Thanks to the amazing Christine Elizabeth York owner/founder of Vivid Bridge Studios for the wonderful recommendation and a big thank you to Alaina M. Plowdery, MFA the Department Chair who has been there to answer all my questions and made the process of setting me up as an Adjunct one of the most seamless processes I've ever gone through. The staff at Pensacola State College Visual Arts are AMAZING just the nicest most talented people you could meet.

Even though I've been teaching After Effects for 6+ years and using it for about sixteen - I still get nervous about producing new custom projects and stressing over if their good enough for the students or if I'm doing too much.

In the end I just have to throw it out there and guide them through it. I have their first project ready for them to check out and I have faith in them that they will tear it up with some awesome creative ideas of their own! Teaching college level students is a pretty amazing experience and I have a feeling my class is going to make some pretty amazing work. And yes, just encase your were wondering - I'm very VERY tired. lol.

Here is a sample of one of their first big projects Ill have them start soon.

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