• William Legareta II


I am grateful for this past month! A new poo eating puppy and a grumpy old doberman who hates the new puppy all the while trying to actually relax for a change! Which I did a little. Oddly enough I feel re-energized enough to want to tackle all the prep work I'm going to need to do for this upcoming school year. I won't say I'm excited about it but my OCD nature just wants the work to be done so I don't lay awake at night freaking out about it (which I will do anyways!). And lastly, I'm super excited about certifying this year in Adobe After Effects! It's one of my favorite programs and I'm hoping it'll help me refine my motion graphic skills . AND just encase you were wondering here is the new fur baby I named him Siberius Vaako after the character from the Riddick films . . .


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